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As Ontario faces a surge in impaired driving incidents, the need for responsible alternatives becomes more apparent than ever. Recent statistics reveal that the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) laid over 10,000 impaired driving charges, witnessing a 16% increase in occurrences compared to the previous year. With a 10% rise in impaired driving collisions, the urgency for a safer alternative is evident. Ride Home DD steps into this narrative, offering a dual-driver service that not only prioritizes the safety of its clients but actively contributes to making roads safer for everyone.

The Sobering Reality:
The OPP’s Festive Ride campaign that takes place over the holiday season, saw over 1,200 impaired driving charges in just 7 weeks. These figures underscore the pressing need for initiatives that can mitigate the impact of impaired driving on our roads. Ride Home DD emerges as a solution that goes beyond convenience, embodying a commitment to reducing these alarming statistics.

No More Senseless Fatalities:
The sobering fact that 5.3 out of 100,000 Canadians die in car crashes due to impaired driving highlights the gravity of the issue. Furthermore, a third of all impaired driving fatalities involve individuals aged 16 to 25, emphasizing the need for targeted solutions to protect our youth. Ride Home DD aims to be a proactive force in reducing these senseless fatalities by providing a reliable and responsible means of transportation.

Ride Home DD: A Responsible Choice:
A known and reputable company that has been servicing the Burlington, Mississauga, Hamilton, Oakville and the GTA for over 10 years.Ride Home DD has over 2600 happy customers that have made a responsible transportation choice. Here’s how the service works: the client calls us or books with our app. We dispatch a team of two professional designated drivers to their pick up point. Our drivers call or text while they are enroute and once they have arrived. Our vehicles are easily recognized and are clearly labeled with our RIDE HOME DESIGNATED DRIVERS logo. Our dual drivers meet the client, picks up their keys and drive the client and their car home, while the second driver follows behind.

In a landscape where impaired driving incidents are on the rise, this designated driver service actively contributes to creating safer roads for everyone.

As Ontario grapples with the sobering reality of increasing impaired driving incidents, Ride Home DD emerges as a proactive solution. The statistics speak volumes about the urgent need for responsible alternatives, and Ride Home DD rises to the occasion. By choosing this service, individuals not only prioritize their own safety but actively participate in reducing the senseless fatalities caused by impaired driving. Let’s collectively embrace responsibility, make informed choices, and ride towards a future where safer roads are a shared reality.