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Frequently asked questions
about RIDE HOME DD services.

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How are the prices per RIDE HOME calculated?

We offer competitive rates, comparative to other designated driver services or a that of a two-way taxi trip.

The shadow car (the one following) clears the odometer on their car then records the total kilometers traveled.

We charge $31.00 for the first 10.0 km (minimum fare) and $2.75 per additional km.

Although our drivers are patient, a $1.00 per minute charge for standby time beyond a 5-minute grace period will be added over and above the fare. (The grace period does not apply in the case of  multiple drop-offs)

Out of area charges may apply beyond our Areas of Service, however we do offer flat rates for travel of more than 50km. Please fill out our quote form or give us a call for pricing.

407-ETR charges, if applicable, are over and above the actual fare.

Tips are not mandatory, however always appreciated by our designated drivers.

Does RIDE HOME DD require a reservation?

No, however, to secure your preferred time, it is highly recommended. Please call when you’re ready to go, and our Dispatcher will send a team and provide you with an estimated time of arrival.

Will I get charged for cancelling my RIDE HOME reservation?

Cancellation fees are applicable mainly for Out of Area reservations, but may also apply within our Areas of Service. We are not unreasonable, if cancellation is relayed within our given time line, there will be no charge.

Can I bring my friends?

Absolutely. As long as there’s a seat belt for everyone in the vehicle including the driver.

Can I ride in the shadow car?

Sorry, we are not insured to transport passengers in our personal vehicles, however we can allow one overflow passenger if necessary.

Can we make stops on the RIDE HOME?

Yes, we can drop off friends, stop for gas or ATM on the RIDE HOME. We will not stop for food or conveniences.

Will you take my car home without me?

Yes, we will. Prepayment for the trip will be required.

Can I bring a dog or pet with me for the RIDE HOME?

Yes, you can bring your pet. Please ensure the driver is not distracted.

Can I use RIDE HOME DD if I have children with me?

Of course!  Children still in the car seat stage really enjoy the ease and comfort of having their own vehicle to RIDE HOME in. This also sets a good example, at a young age for children to view responsible drinking.

Can I use RIDE HOME DD for reasons other than a designated driver?

Yes, RIDE HOME DD has many clients who use our services weekly for getting to and from medical appointments, vehicle service, traveling for business, errands etc. Although RIDE HOME DD was designed to reduce impaired drivers on the road by providing designated drivers, we also offer a personal driver service for those who wish to be driven in their own vehicle.  Please contact us for pricing.

What if I need a ride out of the area?

Yes, we can arrange. It is preferred that these types of rides are pre-booked, however we also accept impromptu arrangements. Out of area charges may apply, however we do offer flat rates for travel of more than 50km. 407ETR charges, if applicable, are over and above the actual fare. Please feel free to call us for a quote.

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RIDE HOME Designated Drivers puts our valued customers and our drivers first. We take all Health and Safety requirements seriously, including any ongoing changes to Public Health measures. Wearing Face masks are currently optional and our drivers are prepared to accommodate your comfort level, but washing/disinfecting of hands is of utmost importance before and after the customer’s ride.

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